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People before Profit

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Anita Drobny - Anita was Chairperson and Managing Director of Paradigm Group II, a venture capital firm specializing in socially responsible businesses. She was president of Nova M Radio, Inc., a progressive radio network, and founding partner of Air America Radio. As an accountant and venture capitalist, Drobny has a record of nurturing business ventures from early stages to high growth. Anita is a multifaceted and talented woman. She started her music career at the age of six. She has invested in many theatrical productions in the Chicago area, as well as the 20th anniversary revival of Annie, which appeared on Broadway. Currently, she is involved in philanthropic causes and volunteers for abused and neglected children.

Sheldon Drobny- Sheldon was the co-founder of Air America Radio. He was also the founder of Paradigm Group II, a venture capital firm specializing in socially responsible businesses. Mr. Drobny, a Certified Public Accountant and winner of the Elijah Watts Sells award for outstanding performance on the Uniform CPA Exam has practiced public accounting for over 40 years. Prior to entering public accounting, he had a number of years of taxation experience with the Internal Revenue Service. Mr. Drobny specializes in business and tax matters and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court as a non-attorney. Less than 200 non-attorneys have been admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court since its inception in 1942. Mr. Drobny received a Bachelor of Science Degree in accounting from Roosevelt University in Chicago and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, an honorary fraternity recognizing academic achievement in colleges of business administration.

Technology, Research and Behavioral Economics Team

Golda Velez -Golda is a software engineer that's been focused on using her amazing background in search and data mashery for public good. Every startup should have at least one graduate from either Caltech or MIT. She's worked at JPL, Disruptive Logic, Factual (where she continues to do magical things) and we are forever grateful for her time, energy and enthusiasm for alonovo.

Mike Mallo -Mike is a development manager at IBM and has expertise in cloud and enterprise architecture. Mike understands how to leverage social media to help us make alonovo anywhere a reality. Mike's very committed to making the world a better place by informing consumers about corporate behavior and we're delighted that we found each other.

George Polisner -George is a self-described socio-economic alchemist for public good. He's the original founder of the alonovo concept. He has over 30 years of technology experience and has spent the last several years addressing highly-complex conceptual technological and economic challenges for government, large enterprise and society. More about George is available from