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People before Profit

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As we acquire resources we will be acquiring and providing easy to understand, trusted data about corporations that we purchase products and services from everyday.

Publications about the alonovo concept:

Marketforce Demand Driven Reform
Ethical Sourcing Forum -about

The areas that we will be working to initially cover are:

Workforce StabilityLabor
Workforce DiversityLabor
Executive Compensation Packages compared to Average Worker WagesLabor
Fair Labor PracticesLabor
Toxic and other wastes and emissionsEnvironmental
Natural Resource ConservationEnvironmental
Societal Value of Products and ServicesResponsibiliy
Corporate Ethics, Transparency and AccountabilityResponsibility
Lobbying PracticesResponsibility
Supply Chain SelectivityResponsibility
Worker and Community Health and SafetyResponsibility
Class Action LitigationResponsibility
Tax AvoidanceResponsibility
Animal CrueltyResponsibility