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People before Profit

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Think of the power of a large database that collects information about how corporations behave and then integrates that data directly into the shopping experience. When you are about to purchase a TV, shoes, socks or an iPod you can not only consider the price and the quality of the product, but can easily see what kind of behavior we are "buying into".

Our mission is to connect the concept of corporate behavior directly to the profit motive. When a corporation is evolving to balance people, planet and profit -everyone wins.

We are working to inform society in a very simple, visually appealing manner with regard to corporate behavior at their point of online purchase. And the reason is every time we make a purchase we are transferring power to a business. Is this power going to support ...

    • Fair Labor or Sweatshops?
    • Emission Reduction or Pollution?
    • Recycling or Toxic Waste?
    • Resource Conservation or Plunder the Earth?
    • Political Neutrality or Undermining Democracy?
    • Strengthen the Local Community or Destroy the Local Economy?

We provide an experience that will gradually connect how a company behaves with their growth and profit. And this is the importance of a large and growing community. If we are just a small group of people, we won't have much of an impact. However if you tell everyone you know about this service we can be a large force that can impact how corporations conduct themselves.

When you purchase using you are doing your part to send a clear message to business that regardless of political ideology -we all want blue skies, clean water, a fair and growing economy, intelligent use of our natural resources, safe and humane workplaces and sensible partnerships with local communities.

Note that we are no longer working with After long and careful consideration -their operating policies with respect to labor and political lobbying far outweighed the benefit of providing an integrated shopping model using their associate programs.

And finally -we're proudly a fiscally-sponsored 501c3 project of Netroots Foundation. Netroots Foundation brings together online citizens across America, injects progressive voices into the national conversation and advances the values of justice, equality and community in our nation’s politics. With technology, the information revolution and online communities changing the very nature of civic engagement, we seek to accelerate the understanding and support of this fundamental shift in participatory democracy..